Addiction is a chronic disease that requires the right treatment plan. Therefore, through Addiction Medicine, individuals can discover the evidence-based programs they need to recover. 12 Step Facilitation Therapy in Swansea Illinois is one of the potential options that patients can use to start their sobriety.

What Is 12 Step Facilitation Therapy in Swansea Illinois?12 Step Facilitation Therapy Swansea Illinois Can Trust.

At Gateway Foundation, we take a holistic approach to sobriety. Additionally, patient engagement, holistic treatments, and therapy options help with the recovery process. Our 12 Step Facilitation Therapy in Swansea Illinois is just one of the many programs patients can take advantage of.

Most people have seen 12-step meetings on television and in Hollywood movies. In general, the idea behind 12 Step Facilitation Therapy is fairly similar. With this kind of therapy program, a counselor or therapist leads the patient’s introduction into 12-step involvement.

Patients can think of this program as a part of their tool kit for recovery. During treatment, clients go to 12-step meetings and build a roadmap for their long-term sobriety. In research studies, scientists have found that this kind of 12-step program is effective at preventing a relapse.

Recovery is a lifelong process. Through evidence-based treatment, patients receive the tools and support they need to maintain their recovery. From addiction education to a personal recovery plan, a counselor can facilitate this process.

The Advantages of Getting 12-Step Facilitation

Addiction Therapy Services support the individual’s recovery. Through 12-Step Facilitation, individuals benefit from group support. Everyone else has shared experiences and can offer feedback. This kind of meeting is also a chance to reduce anxiety, explore concerns and build a support system.

After treatment, ongoing 12-step meetings are another way to commit to long-term sobriety. These meetings give patients sober support and peers who have similar experiences. In addition, 12-step meetings keep the individual accountable to their recovery. Many people benefit from having the structure and routine of scheduled meetings.

To recover from an addiction overall, individuals have to make major lifestyle changes. Through Family Therapy Swansea Illinois, patients can rebuild family connections and interpersonal relationships. Moreover, each client receives the personalized, unique programs they need to create lasting sobriety.

Committing to Lifelong Recovery

At Gateway Foundation, we believe that individuals need a range of evidence-based treatments to overcome an addiction. Over the last 50 years, our nonprofit developed unique programs for Addiction Medicine. After the initial treatment, we encourage alumni to take part in 12-step meetings and our alumni community. Specifically, recovery is a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle and sustained sobriety.

Through our treatment programs and services, individuals can enjoy having options such as:

With 12 Step Facilitation Therapy in Swansea Illinois, you can take your first step toward a healthier, happier life. In fact, the right treatment program can help you break free of your addiction and focus on long-term sobriety. Gateway Foundation is here to help you through each step of your recovery. Call us today at 618.234.9002 to find out what we can do to support your treatment.