Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Illinois.As substance abuse and addiction continues to rise in America, so has the need for more innovative and effective treatments. In fact, Gateway Foundation Swansea offers an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program (ACT) for our clients. In ACT, you learn skills that represent your core personal values and help you experience a greater wellbeing in the process.

With therapeutic intervention, your rehab experience can be less stressful and more comforting. Moreover, you will also learn more about yourself and the primary causes of your substance abuse.

What is An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program Exactly?

An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program is the development of mindfulness skills and psychological flexibility through human language and cognition.

Specifically, ACT is based on the Relational Frame Theory. RFT explains that rational skills utilized by the human mind to solve problems may be ineffective in helping individuals with psychological pain.

Therefore, the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program will teach you how to live healthier by changing the way you think about pain. ACT doesn’t define specific symptoms but instead recognizes tendencies and unwanted thoughts. For example, ACT shows you that pain inevitably accompanies specific situations and that it is normal. There are multiple ways to address this pain, and also numerous ways to approach it.

First, you must accept your emotional experience and process it through learning. Next, you must take action and engage in positive responses that help you live a healthier, happier life. This is a commitment to making changes and moving in the right direction.

ACT and More at Gateway Foundation Swansea

Outside of our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program, we also offer a number of rehab programs for our clients. Specifically, these modalities include:

Through outpatient care, you can return home after receiving treatment each day. This gives you the flexibility to tend to your responsibilities while remaining active in recovery. With a combination of therapies, you will shed light on the prime issues that make the biggest impact on your substance abuse. This may include past trauma, social circles, environment, or mental health.

Move Forward With Our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program

The process of addiction recovery can present numerous challenges. However, it’s important to make small strides that lead to major changes in your life.

Gateway Swansea’s Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program can be that first step to a better tomorrow and a healthier future away from addiction. To learn more about this innovate therapy, contact us today at 618.234.9002.