Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program in Illinois.Behavioral issues can directly correlate to a substance abuse problem. Moreover, many people find it difficult to cope with their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in positive ways away from their addiction. In our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program, you can learn to change these dysfunctional thoughts into more positive and healthy behaviors.

In many cases, addiction is a result of stressful situations and environment. However, these situations are common in the world today. How you handle them is the trigger that can lead to substance abuse.

Through our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program, you learn why you have certain thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, you will learn how to change these behaviors into more positive actions.

Benefits of Gateway’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

Every person handles situations differently. This is the same when it comes to thought patterns and behaviors. Your thoughts and emotions develop through your own personal experiences. For example, this is how you decide the difference between right and wrong.

Sometimes, we unintentionally develop thought patterns that negatively affect our lives and give us a false sense of security. During a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program, you will learn how these thoughts make an impact and ways to develop new emotional responses that are positive.

Your day-to-day problems and experiences will be a focal point and topic during CBT. Once we understand how you react to things and think about things, we can begin to make positive changes.

Therapies Alongside CBT in Rehab

Outside of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you will also attend other therapy sessions during rehab. For example, these may include:

With a full range of therapies at your disposal, you will gain an understanding of your addiction that you never had before. In addition, you will learn how to move forward in life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Addiction therapy services at Gateway Foundation Swansea can help you reinvent your life through behavioral changes, life skills development, and coping techniques.

Seek Recovery With Gateway Foundation Swansea

Rehab can give you a new lease on life away from the addiction that has brought many hardships to you and your family. However, you must want to enter treatment and have focus and commitment to finding sobriety.

Without this mindset, it will be more difficult to bring about change in your life. At Gateway Foundation Swansea, we strive to provide the treatment and training that can last throughout a lifetime of recovery. For more information about our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program, contact us today at 618.234.9002.