Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Illinois.Mental illness affects thousands upon thousands of Americans each and every day. From anxiety to depression, mental health has become a focal point to the necessity of overall wellness and discovery. Moreover, mental illness can be a result of, or cause substance abuse and addiction. At our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, we’ll help you discover how your mental illness and addiction relate to each other.

Dual Diagnosis is a revolutionary treatment in the field of addiction recovery today. For some time, many people believed addiction was a choice. However, we have now come to learn that addiction is a disease that can be brought into anyone’s life through numerous outlets. When you struggle with a mental illness, you are also more likely to abuse substances.

Values of A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

The core values of a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center rest in understanding that both the mental illness and addiction need proper treatment. Treating one without the other can lead to relapse concerns and further issues.

For example, if your addiction is treated properly, but you are still struggling with depression, your mental illness can spur your addiction back into action after treatment. Once the depression becomes overwhelming, you are more susceptible to turn back to substance abuse as a form of self-medication.

However, the same goes for an addiction. If your mental illness has been properly managed, but addiction is still active, the substance abuse could eventually lead your mental health back into a difficult state.

As you can see, Dual Diagnosis Treatment can make all the difference in your recovery. With therapy in correlation to dual diagnosis, your personalized treatment plan will have a full structure and schedule of strategic exercises and treatments.

Therapies at Gateway Foundation Swansea

To accompany your Dual Diagnosis Treatment, we’ll include a variety of therapy services in your program. For example, these therapies may include:

The goal of Addiction Therapy Services is to open you up to the dangers of addiction while learning how to cope with feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Furthermore, you will learn how to turn negative reactions into positive, more productive behaviors.

This process will rid out any underlying causes of your addiction that you didn’t know about beforehand. However, family support is also imperative to the success of your recovery. We’ll work with your loved ones so they understand their role in your recovery and how they can be a positive and healthy influence on your sobriety.

A Lifetime of Recovery at Gateway Swansea

Your overall wellbeing is much more than just a healthy diet and physical fitness. In fact, your mental health plays a major role in your development and health for years to come.

As a result, our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center is the perfect place to overcome mental illness and addiction. To bring about change in your life, contact Gateway Swansea today at 618.310.0706.