Finding the right treatment for your addiction recovery involves an intensive search and comparison of many rehab programs. But you can simplify your search by turning to a treatment leader, one with over 50 years of helping over a million people enjoy recovery success. That rehab is Gateway Foundation, a network of locations throughout Illinois and the United States. So when you seek evidence-based therapies and a holistic therapy program to treat your addiction, call Gateway Foundation in Swansea IL for that help.

Do I Need Holistic Therapies in Addiction Treatment?

patients hold hands during holistic therapy programNot all addiction treatment programs offer holistic therapies. But many of today’s treatment centers understand the need for good health and wellness as a foundation for healthy recovery. Wellness includes a positive outlook, healthy mind, caring support, and a mix of interests that keep your mind, body, and spirit fit. Finding a Swansea opioid addiction treatment center, cocaine addiction treatment center, or other substance abuse treatment center that offers holistic therapies can provide a fresh approach to recovery.

Really, everyone benefits in some way from holistic approaches. A good example of one such approach is nutrition therapy. We all need a healthy diet to feed our body and mind. Eating well also feeds our spirit, such as lifting our mood and enabling us to pursue the activities we enjoy.

The key factor in defining a holistic method is its non-medicinal approach. But these methods do not work on their own. You also need an array of evidence-based therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Therapy. If you suffer a mental health problem, you need treatment for that through a Certified Dual Diagnosis Treatment program.

Still, a holistic therapy program gives you more ways to improve your life, outlook, and wellness. Anyone seeking help for addiction needs all of the tools, support, and care to enjoy a real chance of long term success. In rehab, you benefit from these holistic approaches just like your peers seeking treatment alongside you.

Holistic Methods Used in Rehab Treatment

Holistic therapy programs in Swansea Illinois focus on the treatment that improves your overall wellness. At the same time, these approaches help treat your physical symptoms of addiction and assist with the withdrawal process. Each therapy also provides long-term support and healthy coping skills that will guide you through recovery.

Good examples of holistic methods used in rehab treatment include:

  • Yoga and guided meditation
  • Tai chi
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Exercise for physical fitness
  • Art and music therapy

These methods work alone, with other holistic approaches and alongside behavioral therapies to treat your sleep problems, poor nutrition, energy level, mental focus, and emotional stability. At the same time, they help you resist cravings, improve your physical fitness, increase self-confidence and reduce your desire for drugs or alcohol.

Holistic methods work best alongside other proven programs and therapies, such as:

Overall, holistic methods, combined with behavioral therapies, help you find and maintain balance in all areas of your life.

Finding a Quality Rehab Providing Holistic and Evidence-Based Therapies

Gateway Foundation Swansea’s outpatient addiction treatment center provides a combination of holistic and evidence-based therapies within Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. We also provide care for your co-occurring mental health problems through Certified Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

You can have the life you want, one filled with a healthy outlook, mental stability, fulfilling daily life and work productivity. You achieve all of these through quality treatment provided at Gateway Foundation Swansea. Call Gateway Swansea now at [Direct] to learn about available programs and verify your rehab insurance coverage.