As you work to build a new life in recovery, you face triggers and temptations for relapse almost daily. So you need the skills to overcome these triggers and cope with life stress. To do this, you identify challenging moments from your past and get to know what decisions led to your substance abuse. Mindfulness-Based Sobriety builds on this learning so you have a foundation for recovery. Much of this insight and learning for stronger recovery can be gained from finding a holistic recovery center Swansea Illinois residents can believe in.

What is Mindfulness-Based Therapy?

woman practices mindfulness-based sobrietyMindfulness-Based Sobriety Swansea Illinois is Gateway Foundation’s use of mindfulness-based treatment at the leading treatment center’s holistic recovery center Swansea Illinois. Additionally, this therapy combines mindfulness practices with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. At the same time, it integrates relaspe prevention into your therapy plan.

In your mindfulness therapy, you learn how to prevent relapse from your past experience in substance abuse. You use this awareness to form a clear roadmap to your own recovery by means of a relapse prevention plan and quality coping skills. You also plan for managing everyday sobriety, instead of just going with day-to-day living and hoping for the best. Through mindfulness and planning, you can stay sober for the long term after treatment.

Equally important are the rebound skills you learn through Mindfulness-Based Therapy at Gateway Foundation. If you suffer a relapse, as many people do at some time in recovery, you need skills for bouncing back into sobriety. With these skills, your relapse is not a failure, but a setback. It shows you that you need to update or change your relapse prevention plan.

Mindfulness-Based Sobriety Treatment at Gateway Foundation

Your Mindfulness Therapy is one aspect of an evidence-based treatment plan at Gateway Swansea. You need an array of therapies and treatments to fully understand your challenges and build lasting wellness outside of addiction. Consequently, mindfulness works well with other therapies and practices provided at Gateway Foundation, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Group Therapy and Family Counseling
  • Holistic Addiction Therapies
  • Motivational Interviewing Therapy
  • 12-step Integration

Through these methods and a combined approach of multiple evidence-based therapies, you learn what you must know to stay sober and live a better life. This new life offers great hope for fulfillment and productivity well beyond your addiction recovery. Significantly, benefits of mindfulness and other therapies include better relationships, a greater appreciation for daily moments, clear thinking, and a general sense of well-being.

Clear Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Sobriety

Mindfulness provides many benefits, including the ones described above. Mindfulness is a positive practice of focusing your mind on what is happening in the present moment and accepting it without judgment. Additionally, this therapy brings other benefits beyond general stress reduction and greater happiness. In sum, it brings you greater awareness of many aspects of your life and relaxes your spirit.

Researchers have proven mindfulness helps with physical, mental and behavioral problems. Accordingly, modern medicine now recognizes these benefits and adds the practice to recommendations for patient wellness. By practicing mindfulness you can expect improvements in your overall well-being, including your health, behaviors, and attitudes. Clients see improvements in depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, relationship problems and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Individualized Treatment at Gateway Foundation Swansea

In Swansea, Illinois, Gateway Foundation provides the individualized treatment you need for a fresh start in life. At first, you participate in quality evidence-based therapies and mindfulness training that help you turn problems into insights for a better life. By the time you leave treatment, you can apply what you have learned towards creating a new life with your recovery and your health intact. This treatment takes place in multiple levels of care, including:

Live in your moment now and act on your interest into mindfulness-based sobriety and other treatment methods of Gateway Foundation Swansea IL. Call [Direct] to learn more about Gateway Foundation Swansea Illinois and the therapies you need for lasting recovery.