Few people realize the power of nutrition in recovery. As you enter treatment, you think your focus is just getting off the drugs or alcohol to clean your body and mind. But quality nutrition picks up where your substance abuse ends. Through well-balanced meals and ongoing nutrition therapy and diet advice, you rebuild your health and spirit for the challenges ahead.

Do You Need Nutrition Therapy?

nutritionist describes benefits of nutrition therapy to patientAs you used alcohol or drugs on a regular basis, you deprived your body of the essentials it needed to stay strong and healthy. Maybe you notice changes in your appearance, such as looking pale, thin, overweight, or generally unfit. Your hair, nails, and skin likely changed, as well. Gender-specific issues arise as well, which can be a concern when finding a Women’s Rehab or Men’s Rehab in Swansea Illinois. However, these effects turn around when you start eating correctly with help from a nutrition therapy program.

Generally, this therapy takes place alongside other holistic recovery methods like acupuncture therapy and exercise therapy. These treatments heal your body, as part of an approach that treats your whole system – mind, body, and spirit.

Many drugs keep your body from using nutrients as it should. Some increase or decrease your appetite. People who use marijuana binge eat. Other drugs, like amphetamines and methamphetamines, keep you from wanting to eat for days.

When you use your drugs or drink alcohol, you change your sleep patterns, too. This throws your body out of tune and disrupts your natural rhythm, along with the poor nutrition. Additionally, the toxins put into your body create a cocktail of problems that causes all sorts of health problems.

In early recovery, maybe you suffer frequent headaches, low energy, and sleep problems. In sum, the largest problem you face is that the effects of poor nutrition often feel like drug or alcohol cravings or withdrawal symptoms. So by not getting the nutrients you need, you risk relapse beyond not feeling well enough to push your life forward.

Benefits of a Nutrition Program in Rehab Treatment

Your nutrition therapy Swansea Illinois at Gateway Foundation Swansea helps you replenish your body’s nutrients for better strength and wellness. After about a week on a healthier diet, you notice clear effects of your improved lifestyle. Thus, nutrition improvement helps you feel ready for your addiction therapy sessions that treat your psychological and emotional needs. A good diet increases your energy, improves mental focus, and also lifts your mood.

In Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient treatment programs at our Swansea IL facility, you learn about nutrition in your therapy sessions. New skills include how to balance protein and carbs in your meal plan, as well as how to prepare foods to retain their nutrients.

All of this learning comes together as you build a future in recovery. Your future takes place one day at a time, just as your nutrition helps you keep healthy momentum going day after day.

Other Important Therapies of Rehab Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment at Gateway Swansea prepares you for your new life, the one you crave today. This starts with ending your substance abuse and building new skills for relapse prevention. You learn about your addiction, mental health needs and how to stay healthy in recovery through a mix of therapies and support programs.

Additional Gateway Swansea therapy programs include:

Learn more about how addiction treatment and nutrition therapy in Swansea IL can help you find healthy recovery. Gateway Foundation Swansea is here for you. You can have the life you want through quality nutrition, relapse prevention, and other important recovery skills. Call [Direct] to speak to a caring counselor now.