Anyone can understand having fear about entering drug addiction treatment. But you should not let this fear hold you back from the better life you deserve. To make your life changes easier, specific therapies help you feel motivated for this change. Other therapies build on your motivation as part of your treatment plan at Gateway Swansea prescription drug addiction treatment center.

male patient speaks with addiction professional about a prescription drug addiction treatment center

What Does Gateway Swansea Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center Offer?

Gateway Swansea prescription drug addiction treatment center continues in the tradition of Gateway Foundation’s 50 year legacy of helping people end their substance abuse. In fact, millions of people from around the United States enjoy their new lives in recovery, thanks to Gateway locations like the one in Swansea, IL.

You can stop abusing drugs with a variety of therapies and approaches proven to work. Gateway Swansea provides a variety of these programs and therapies. All of this change takes place as part of an Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient prescription drug addiction treatment program. As opposed to inpatient treatment, outpatient programs allow you to maintain your daily life and responsibilities while you recover.

Programs and therapies of Gateway Swansea include:

While you learn about your addiction and grow in early recovery, you gain the support and compassion of everyone at Gateway Swansea. You feel supported by your counselors, therapists and even your peers in your outpatient prescription drug addiction treatment. At the same time that you heal, your family also gains. support. We engage your loved ones in family therapy to help end the trend of substance abuse and other problems within your family unit. Thus, we can treat your whole system and provide total recovery.

What if I struggle to get the help I need?

If you struggle to take your first big steps into recovery, you are not alone. This is why Gateway Foundation’s Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient prescription drug addiction treatment includes Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse Swansea. In Motivational Interviewing, your therapist guides you to set aside your fear of change and build motivation for the life you want. In other words, you take no big steps alone and your desire for healthy recovery only grows.

Even people who suffer from lack of support at home or in everyday life build an Addiction Recovery Community around them at Gateway Swansea. This support encircles you as you make the decision to enter Gateway Swansea prescription drug addiction treatment center. It continues encircling you in your program and even long after you complete your therapies. Consequently, you build strength for lasting sobriety and help others stay sober, too.

Never feel alone in seeking an end to your addiction, even if you doubt your ability to make real change. Stepping away from your drug use is most important if you want to enjoy a future at all. So take a moment to learn more about Gateway Swansea and make one call to start building the Addiction Recovery Community support around you for your new life.

How do I learn more about Gateway Swansea?

Besides reviewing Gateway Swansea’s website and the information there, you can learn more about available programs and methods by talking to a caring counselor. Call Gateway Swansea prescription drug addiction treatment center now at *DM_DirectNumber format=period linked=true*. With this one call, you build support around you and gain enough motivation to take your next big steps. So call now.