Alcohol abuse is a common problem in the United States. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 15.1 million adults suffer from alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, many adults do not get the treatment they need. Only 6.7 percent of American adults received treatment for alcohol abuse in the last year. While facilities like a Swansea Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center can help, clients have to seek treatment to get help.

Alcohol Abuse Is a Growing ProblemThe best Swansea Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center.

Currently, alcohol is the third leading cause of deaths that is entirely preventable. Each year, more than 88,000 Americans die from alcohol-related causes. In just 2014, alcohol contributed to 9,967 car accident deaths.

Part of the problem is the prevalence of alcohol. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that 70.1 percent of people drank during the last year. In the last month, 56 percent of people consumed alcohol.

This makes it difficult for individuals to cut down on their drinking. Moreover, it seems like every work or social function involves alcohol. Because alcohol abuse seems so normal in society, it is far too easy for an addiction to occur.

The Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Luckily, there are inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that can help. For someone to realize that they need rehab support, they first have to realize that they have a problem. Individuals or family members might spot warning signs such as:

  • Feeling hungover or sick when not drinking
  • Making excuses to drink for any reason
  • Hiding drinking habits or drinking alone
  • Sudden changes in friends or grooming habits
  • Suffering from short-term memory loss or blackouts
  • Continuing to drink when it causes work, school or family issues
  • Developing mood swings or irritability

Once someone realizes that they have a problem, help is available. Through addiction therapy services Swansea Illinois, individuals can take the first step toward their long-term sobriety.

How a Swansea Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Can Start Your Recovery

At a Swansea Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, clients can start their sobriety. The right program offers a holistic, evidence-based approach to sobriety. Through compassionate engagement, the program supports each person’s social, physical and emotional needs. Each person is unique, so treatment must be just as unique.

With an Outpatient Program, clients come to the treatment center during the day. At night, they return home to take care of their family and personal responsibilities. In general, clients start with a more intensive outpatient program. As treatment progresses, they may come to the facility for shorter amounts of time. With the help of an admissions counselor, clients can get a customized program that matches their unique needs.

For example, the program may offer therapies and options such as:

Choosing the right Swansea Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center is important. After 50 years of helping more than a million clients, the Gateway Foundation knows the types of holistic, evidence-based programs that clients need to recover. Therefore, if you need help for alcohol abuse, Gateway Swansea is here to support your sobriety. Call us today at 618.310.0694 to start your future off right.