Heroin addiction touches people from all walks of life, in all communities in our country. Even Swansea, Illinois residents suffers these problems of the opioid epidemic. However, you can prevent overdose and other problems of ongoing heroin addiction, through treatment at a Swansea Heroin Addiction Treatment Center. Whether for you or someone you love, this treatment proves life-saving.

Non-Profit Swansea Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

When seeking rehab treatment, you face limited options. These limitations do not only include location or type of treatment facility. They also include whether the rehab accepts your rehab insurance coverage in Swansea Illinois. Working through the financial support of rehab keeps many people from entering treatment, at all.

In fact, when you seek Swansea Heroin Addiction Treatment Center help at Gateway Swansea, you gain non-profit support of your decision. This means Gateway Swansea accepts your in-network and out-of-network insurance policy in most cases. Besides insurance coverage, you also can pay for rehab through other financing options. Knowing you have treatment payment options makes the Rehab Admissions process much less stressful.

Beyond paying for your rehab treatment, entering Gateway Swansea Heroin Addiction Treatment Center provides the highest quality of care. Millions of people have gained lasting recovery from Gateway Swansea and other Gateway Foundation facilities. This means you can trust Gateway Swansea for your lifesaving treatment, too.

Heroin Addiction Help at Gateway SwanseaSwansea Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Illinois.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs at Gateway Swansea include focus on your individual wellness. By understanding your situation, drug history, health and other factors of your background with heroin, Gateway Swansea experts create a treatment plan meeting your specific needs. Your individual treatment includes personalized drug and alcohol education, mental health support, relapse prevention and goals for your future.

Part of meeting your unique needs is working with you based on your work or school schedule. Through quality outpatient, PHP and IOP programs, your life does not stop for rehab treatment. Instead, you gain rehab while continuing to meet your job, family life and educational needs. For many people, this makes treatment accessible earlier in addiction instead of waiting until hitting “rock bottom” to put life on hold for rehab.

Your Swansea treatment takes place only 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis. This makes getting to your program easy through public transportation or by means of Interstate 64.

Struggles You Face When You Do Not Get Help

Without the heroin addiction treatment you need, you face an even darker struggle ahead. When people avoid overdose through sheer luck, some of the other health problems they face include brain, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system damage. These health problems bring early death for many not killed by overdose.

Your nervous system, including your brain, suffers major damage from heroin. This damage includes stopped production of pleasure chemicals that starts early in your drug use. In addition, brain cells even shrivel and shrink. Your brain white matter deteriorates, leading to decision-making and behavioral problems.

With continued heroin use, your respiratory system stops working as it should. You take in oxygen more slowly during your high and even stop breathing at all if you use too much of the drug. Chronic heroin users often stop breathing and die of respiratory failure.

Using large doses of heroin shocks your cardiovascular system, stopping your heartbeat and causing death. Moreover, injecting the drug over a long period of time damages your veins and arteries. This causes infections, abscesses and death, as well. In fact, this happens to one third of long-time heroin users.

Finally, you notice that your bowels react to your heroin use. You suffer constipation and bloating that you probably do not discuss with anyone. This leads to long-term health effects, affects your immunity and causes a variety of symptoms. Many people die from these blockages and other emergencies involving the intestines.

Swansea Help for Your Heroin Addiction

You know you need help because of heroin addiction. That help takes place at Gateway Swansea, where you gain an individualized treatment plan. For example, your treatment may include:

Start on your road to recovery through help from Gateway Swansea Heroin Addiction Treatment Center. Call Gateway Swansea at 618.234.9002 now to learn more about your individualized treatment plan for heroin recovery.