Addiction Recovery Community in Illinois.Addiction is a disease that requires treatment, therapy, and further recovery support and guidance after you complete a rehab program. Therefore, Gateway Foundation Swansea provides an Addiction Recovery Community for each of our clients.

This alumni program will give you access to further education, training, events, meetings, and therapy once you complete one of our programs. However, many people believe they are ready to transition back to daily life without any further assistance after rehab. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey that requires a daily commitment. By focusing on your recovery, you won’t have to go about your life with fears of relapse. In fact, our Addiction Recovery Community will help you continue to build on your sobriety with confidence and support that can make all the difference.

Why Join Our Addiction Recovery Community

Instead of reaching for drugs or alcohol when life gets tough after rehab, you can rely on your Addiction Recovery Community to help you overcome these challenges. At Gateway Foundation Swansea, we’re always here to answer your questions and help you develop positive coping mechanisms and strategies for life after treatment.

Our alumni program is a variation of aftercare. This will keep your sobriety on track through peer support, group meetings, and further therapeutic intervention if necessary. Moreover, once you spend a certain amount of time as an alumni, you can begin to work with individuals who are currently in our outpatient drug rehab center. By working with these individuals, you can both continue the healing process with newly found friendships and mentors.

Rehab and Aftercare Transition

Before you enter our Addiction Recovery Community and alumni program, its best to complete one of our Outpatient Treatment Programs. For example, these programs at Gateway Swansea include:

When you join one of our programs, we’ll learn more about your addiction and work with you to put a personalized treatment plan in place. Furthermore, this will include a variety of therapies, such as group sessions and family counseling.

When to Seek Help for Substance Abuse

It’s never too late to seek help for substance abuse. In fact, people across the country struggle with addiction each and every day without receiving the proper help. Gateway Foundation Swansea’s Addiction Recovery Community is here for you at all times, ensuring you remain safe, comfortable, and active in your recovery.

For more information about our Addiction Recovery Community, reach out to our compassionate team now at 618.310.0706.