Across the country, driving under the influence is against the law and rightfully so. If someone has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.08 percent, they may face a fine, suspension, or classes. Through a DUI evaluation and DUI classes in Swansea Illinois, clients can meet their court-required obligations and receive outpatient treatment.

What to Expect With a DUI Evaluation and DUI Classes in Swansea Illinois

A DUI program might be a requirement of the court system, but it is also a chance to learn about the dangers of alcoholism and driving under the influence. For a first offense, most people receive a fine, a license suspension and DUI education programs. At Gateway Foundation, a DUI Evaluation and DUI Classes in Swansea Illinois can satisfy the educational component of court-ordered classes.DUI Classes Swansea Illinois offers and DUI Evaluation in our DUI program.

In a DUI class, counselors discuss the health and legal complications that come with driving under the influence. Clients gain new prevention tools for avoiding this behavior in the future. Initially, patients may go through a DUI evaluation. This step helps to test the individual’s physical dependence on drugs and alcohol.

If the individual is dependent on alcohol or drugs, the therapist may recommend a 12-step group or an Outpatient Program. During DUI classes, the clients will learn about the effects of alcohol and work through course materials together. The DUI course includes a mixture of guest speakers, movies, engaging materials, and short exams. Throughout the course, participants can discuss everything they learn and work on the topics together.

The Benefits of DUI Education

Through an Outpatient Mens Rehab Swansea offers, individuals can take the first step in starting their court-ordered treatment. DUI training is more than just a way to avoid jail time. It is also a chance to discover if the client needs professional help with addiction and how to become sober. If the individual needs extra support, addiction specialists can create a personalized treatment plan.

This kind of DUI course works to teach the individual a new mindset around drinking. By learning the effects of driving under the influence, individuals can make safer choices on the roadway. A DUI class is also a chance to confront the real consequences that other students suffer from DUI crashes.

Taking the Next Step and Going to Gateway Foundation

If you or a loved one is trying to deal with a DUI, you are not alone. Through DUI classes, you can work to get your license back and return to normal life. An initial DUI evaluation will help us figure out the best treatment type for your needs. Then, we will help you work toward a safe, lasting recovery through our range of evidence-based therapy programs.

Other than our DUI classes, we also offer a range of programs such as:

You have the power to take your life back through a DUI Evaluation and DUI Classes in Swansea Illinois. Gateway Swansea can help you take the next step in your sobriety. Call us today at 618.234.9002 to find out how we can help.