The fear of withdrawal symptoms keeps you from seeking help. You’re sick of waking up with them. Additionally, you fear the pain and discomfort. The therapists at Gateway Foundation Swansea understand what you’re feeling. That’s why we put together a comprehensive withdrawal management program.

There are many people just like you, who worry about what withdrawal will feel like. They wonder if they’ll be able to deal with the discomfort. Some fear that they’ll go back to using because of it. However, with the withdrawal management Swansea, Illinois can count on, you can make it through this stage of treatment successfully.

What Withdrawal Management Looks Like

treatment professional helps man deal with withdrawal during withdrawal management programIt’s interesting to note that everyone has a different experience. Granted, there are some similarities. For example, if you struggle with opioid dependency, then your opioid withdrawal management will deal with symptoms including cramps and gastrointestinal upset. Someone in need of alcohol withdrawal management may deal with seizures or hallucinations.

Others may have no physical withdrawal symptoms at all. For them, it’s more of a psychological withdrawal. Gateway Foundation Swansea therapists frequently work with clients who don’t think they can handle life without the drug. Their confidence, ability to relate to others, or even just drive to get out of bed hinge on drug use.

Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Management

These patients need different types of withdrawal management programs. They don’t worry about dehydration or muscle cramps. That’s why we customize your care protocol to be as unique as you are. Possible modalities might include:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment deals with physical aspects withdrawal to eliminate or minimizes pain
  • Group Therapy as a tool for voicing your fears during withdrawal and receiving peer input for anger or frustration
  • Individual Therapy that empowers you to set goals, create a roadmap toward long-term sobriety, and focus on healing
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment which facilitates the management of depression, anxiety, as well as other mental health conditions
  • Trauma-guided Treatment as a means for processing stressful events from your past that create problems when you want to quit

Of course, there are also other treatments that therapists use. Gateway Swansea therapists help you heal by combining effective therapeutic interventions. If you’re afraid that you can’t commit to sobriety, Motivational Interviewing could be ideal. The goal’s to help you past this barrier and commit to the therapy.

Mindfulness-based Sobriety empowers you to move past the rut you’ve been in. Because you need to ground yourself in the present, it’s essential to practice mindfulness. Doing so not only helps with overcoming anxiety but also destructive emotions.

Looking Forward to Lifelong Recovery

Relapse prevention is a big part of our Swansea prescription drug addiction treatment and care we offer for other dependencies. Withdrawal management is only one side of the coin. It deals with the immediate fears you have. Relapse prevention picks up on the other extreme.

You no longer fear withdrawal. However, you may still fear that you won’t be able to stick with sobriety. Once again, Gateway Foundation Swansea therapists understand what you’re feeling. It’s completely normal to question your ability to overcome temptations. During each step, we offer support for your changing needs.

Treatment is a great way to learn about peer accountability and support group meetings. You feel comfortable in your skin when you’re in these situations. Because you know what to expect, you don’t worry about participating. After program graduation, extended care gives you the accountability partnerships you need.

Learn more about our outpatient substance abuse treatment and withdrawal management programs today. Don’t let fear and uncertainty keep you from seeking the help you need. You can reach Gateway Foundation Swansea by dialing [Direct] now.