When it comes to the highest quality Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Swansea Illinois has to offer, look no further than Gateway Foundation. At Gateway Foundation Swansea, our staff has the experience and training to make sobriety and lifelong recovery a reality in your life.

We understand the commitment it takes to overcome addiction. However, you also need encouragement, support, and guidance. Our staff is compassionate about recovery and knows what it takes, and how difficult it is, to overcome the challenges of substance abuse.

The annual Illinois statewide economic costs associated with alcohol, drugs, and tobacco-related mortality is in excess of $3.5 billion, according to DHS.
What type of staff do drug rehab centers have?

At the highest quality drug rehab centers, you will have access to therapists, addiction specialists, detox experts, psychiatrists, and intake counselors.


There is no one specific path to addiction recovery. In fact, each and every individual will deal with different circumstances through substance abuse. No matter which drug has led to your problem, you can bring about positive change through the right help.

However, many people have family and work responsibilities that make them wary of entering treatment. At our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Swansea Illinois residents rely on, you don’t have to leave your family and work behind. After treatment each day, you can return home to your family and begin to practice what you have learned at our facility.

For example, you will have Outpatient Treatment Programs that may include therapies such as:

As mentioned above, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to rehab. When you enter our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center, you will speak with our staff through an assessment that will determine the right path to recovery for you.

Next, you’ll begin the process of learning about your addiction while developing new life skills to help you in recovery. With a combination of therapies, we can find the root causes of your addiction and remove them from your life for a better chance at successful rehabilitation.


The journey to sobriety is a day-by-day process. Each and every day, we will track your progress and make alterations to your treatment plan. You will work closely with our counselors to talk through your experience, such as how you are feeling and what you need in rehab. With our medical supervision, you can focus on your recovery with safety and comfort.

As you begin to recognize personal growth and improvements, your morale will begin to boost and your commitment to sobriety will grow even stronger. This will show you the joy in a sober lifestyle. Furthermore, how to continue down the right path after leaving our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center.

Illicit drug use disorders in 2017 by age group, according to SAMHSA:

1 741,000 individuals aged 12-17

2 2.5 million individuals aged 18-25

3 4.3 million individuals aged 26-64

4 93,000 over the age of 65

19.7 million American adults faced a substance use disorder in 2017, according to SAMHSA.

Tips for Maintaining Sobriety:

  • Join a recovery community
  • Attend regular therapy sessions
  • Be active with a physical fitness plan
  • Develop a proper diet and nutrition
  • Face your past mistakes with support and guidance


Addiction can end when you decide to dedicate yourself to recovery. As a result, you can truly make sobriety a priority and a focal point in your life. Once this occurs, the basis and foundation can be built to end substance abuse.

With our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Swansea Illinois relies on, your sobriety is attainable and long-lasting. To learn more about our unique programs at Gateway Swansea, contact our friendly staff today at 618.310.0706.

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