Addiction can consume a person’s world. If you don’t know what’s coming when you approach a rehab center, though, you might hesitate. While all change can prove unsettling, the Rehab Admissions process is very straightforward. Keep reading and we’ll give you a snapshot of the major steps involved.

Initial Contact for the Rehab Admissions ProcessRehab Admissions Process at Gateway Swansea

The first step in the process is contacting a rehab center like Gateway Swansea. You’ll discuss your insurance coverage and program costs with a representative. If you have insurance, the center representative will confirm the details of your coverage with the insurance company. You’ll settle on payment arrangements if you need to cover any of the costs.

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is the next step in the Rehab Admissions process. This is a crucial step for making sure you get the right care. The assessment gathers information about your substance use history. It also gets details about what and how much you currently use.

Most assessments also include speaking with family and close friends. Their information helps confirm the severity of your use and addiction.

Treatment Recommendation

After the initial assessment, the Rehab Admissions process moves on to the recommendation phase. Several things can happen at this point.

If you use substances with severe withdrawal symptoms, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines, you might get a referral to a detox program. Some rehab centers offer in-house detox, while others refer to an outside center. A referral for detox is entirely for your benefit. Detox centers help people cope safely with withdrawal symptoms.

You might get a recommendation for an Outpatient Program. The recommendation often hinges on the details in your initial assessment and your life situation.

For example, treatment options can vary, but often utilize:

Program Entry at Gateway Swansea

Most treatment centers encourage immediate entry into the recommended program as the next step in the Rehab Admissions process. It’s not a requirement, though. Unless it’s court-mandated, addiction treatment remains voluntary. You can take some time and think it over.

If you do decide to enter at this point, you usually fill out some admissions paperwork. You may meet with a staff doctor. He or she will help pin down the specifics of your treatment.

You’ll probably take a brief tour of the center that focuses on areas where you’ll get treatment. In the case of outpatient programs, you’ll also get a schedule of when and where you need to show up.

Learn More About Gateway Swansea

Gateway Swansea is an Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Swansea Illinois can trust. Gateway offers a range of Addiction Therapy Services, including traditional and holistic therapies.

Addiction can feel overwhelming, but you can take back control of your life. Quality rehab centers like Gateway Swansea can help you do it. Contact us at 618.310.0706 and learn how we help people find their way to recovery. Our Rehab Admissions process will help you enter treatment comfortably.