Having health insurance benefits makes getting treatment for your physical health conditions so much more affordable. It also makes getting the substance abuse treatment you need possible. In years gone by, affording rehab proved difficult for even the most financially secure people in the U.S. But today, through Aetna drug rehab coverage you can build healthy recovery anywhere Gateway Foundation provides treatment. Examples include finding heroin addiction treatment, opiate addiction treatment, or a cocaine addiction treatment center Swansea Illinois can rely on.

Finding an Aetna Drug Rehab Swansea

female addiction treatment professional consults with female patient about Aetna drug rehab coverageIt feels intimidating to start a search for Aetna addiction rehab or treatment center. But this search does not prove as difficult as you think. All you need is to review the treatment options, therapies, and other methods that Gateway Foundation Swansea provides for southern Illinois.

Gateway Foundation accepts the Aetna drug rehab coverage Swansea Illinois residents have come to trust. Gateway Foundation has provided treatment for over a million Americans in the past 50 years. People from all over the United States gain strong recovery each year in Gateway Foundation rehab centers. You can too, using your Aetna benefits for the rehab treatment you need.

Gateway Foundation provides southern Illinois outpatient treatment for those struggling with any number of substances. So whether you seek help for cocaine, meth, heroin, opioids, opiates, marijuana, benzos or other drugs, you know Gateway Swansea’s Aetna addiction rehab treatment center provides programs suited to your precise needs.

Type of Swansea Rehab Programs

Gateway Swansea provides Outpatient (OP) rehab treatment. When you want to use your Aetna benefits to cover all or most of your substance abuse program, Outpatient provides the best chance for complete coverage.

In Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, you continue living at home, working or going to school. You spend scheduled times in your program at your treatment center and fulfilling the rest of your daily obligations on your own time. This makes Outpatient treatment cost less than Inpatient or Partial Hospitalization programs, as part of which you live at a facility part- or full-time. You do not miss work, so you do not lose income or use all of your vacation benefits, as a result.

On the other hand, the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment is another Swansea Illinois outpatient rehab option. Gateway Swansea offers an Intensive Outpatient Program, too. This is one level of care above traditional Outpatient rehab, with slightly more structure and support. You still live at home and fulfill your regular responsibilities in your own time. But treatment meets the needs of people with moderate or even severe addictions.

Aetna insurance usually provides good coverage for IOP treatment, as with OP rehab. This depends on your individual needs and an addiction assessment, which establishes your medical need for these services.

Therapies and Methods Supported by Aetna Insurance

Aetna health insurance supports more than just your core program. Coverage and benefits pay for some or all of the therapies needed for recovery. At Gateway Swansea, these therapies and other treatments include:

Gateway Swansea’s programs also include 12-step recovery integration, if you want to follow the 12 steps as part of your recovery. You also receive Holistic treatments for the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. An Alumni Program provides entry to the strong recovery community of Gateway Foundation, with connections available to you in your home community and throughout the U.S.

Learn more about the available programs, treatment methods, therapies and insurance acceptance of Gateway Swansea by calling [Direct]. Talk to a caring counselor now to understand how to learn what your benefits cover through insurance verification.