Finding treatment for addiction can be stressful. You can feel lost when considering the massive financial costs that seem to be associated with treatment. however, quality help is available and affordable, thanks to programs like Gateway Foundation Swansea that work with your Cigna drug rehab coverage. Learn more about using your benefits and get ready to join over a million other Americans who enjoy recovery. With this knowledge, you can find alcohol treatment, cocaine treatment, or an opioid addiction treatment center Swansea Illinois residents can rely on.

Locating the Best Cigna Drug Rehab Center

female addiction treatment professional speaks with female patient about cigna drug rehab coverageWhen you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment, your program must provide quality therapies and other methods designed to support lasting sobriety. Otherwise, you waste your time, energy and Cigna drug rehab coverage. So instead of squandering your benefits, find a treatment center designed to make the most of your efforts for the future you want.

Gateway Foundation Swansea is an alcohol, drug, and opioid addiction treatment center serving southern Illinois. Gateway Foundation offers locations throughout the United States with a 50-year history of successful rehab treatment. Our centers boast strong recovery communities and alumni programs, so you never feel alone after your treatment.

Gateway Swansea offers a range of outpatient rehab programs. You can use your Cigna drug rehab coverage Swansea Illinois for the Outpatient program or Intensive Outpatient Program treatment. These two levels of care provide the greatest value for your benefits, also requiring fewer out-of-pocket expenses. Because you do not live or eat at the facility as with Inpatient programs, the bottom line is much more affordable.

Why Outpatient Drug Rehab Costs Less

When you enter an Outpatient rehab program, you continue living at home and maintaining your daily responsibilities, such as work or school. So you do not sacrifice your income or vacation benefits to enter rehab treatment. Your therapies and other treatments take place according to a schedule of multiple sessions per week. This means you suffer the least life disruption while getting the help you need.

Your insurance company prefers Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient programs over Inpatient rehab, whenever possible. They seek to maintain profitability as a business. Their profits rely on saving as much money as possible and keeping you healthy. So when Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient rehab suits your needs, Cigna sees these programs as best suited for meeting their business goals and your goals, at the same time.

Of course, Cigna’s coverage of your treatment depends on your specific policy. It also depends on your individual needs, as specified through an addiction assessment. Verify your insurance benefits and gain an understanding of which level of care you need by talking to an admissions counselor at Gateway Swansea.

Treatments and Therapies Supported by Your Cigna Policy

Cigna health insurance covers some or all of your treatment program, including therapies, support and other methods that you need for healthy recovery. Receiving this treatment at Gateway Swansea means you receive the highest quality of care while also maximizing your benefits in Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient rehab programs.

Treatments and therapies of Gateway Swansea include:

At Gateway Swansea, your therapies take place in a variety of settings. These include individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy.

Through group therapy, you gain peer support and interaction to learn from others and practice your relationship skills. Family therapy focuses on your family unit, whether it consists of blood relatives, close friends or other loved ones. Individual counseling focuses entirely on your needs with confidentiality in a one-on-one therapy environment. Find a Cigna drug rehab center that provides these therapies during addiction treatment.

Verify Your Insurance Benefits for the Help You Need

The best means of understanding what your Cigna drug rehab insurance covers is through the insurance verification process. Call Gateway Swansea now at [Direct] to verify your benefits and learn more about available treatment programs in Swansea, Illinois. You can put your drug or alcohol addiction behind you by making this call today for the help you need and the hope you deserve.