Paying for rehab does not have to be difficult. Many people wonder if their insurance company offers Rehab Insurance Coverage. Luckily, current health care legislation requires insurance companies to cover drug and alcohol addictions.

Using Rehab Insurance Coverage for TreatmentRehab Insurance Coverage and Paying for Rehab.

The actual Rehab Insurance Coverage depends on the insurer. The law requires insurers to treat drug addictions like any other medical condition. However, depending on the actual plan, the amount of coverage will vary. Some plans cover the entire treatment cost. Other insurance plans only cover a portion of the cost. At a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Swansea Illinois trusts, clients can verify how much their insurance actually covers.

Additionally, the rehab may also have rules about which insurers it will accept. At a rehab like Gateway Swansea, clients can use an in-network or out-of-network insurance plan. To make paying for treatment easier, clients can also use financing options.

Getting the Right Help Is Important

The most important thing is to find the right treatment program. A high-quality rehab center can increase the chances of becoming and staying sober. Clients should look for a treatment center that has a long, proven track record of success. Consider how many people the rehab has helped and how long the center has been in business.

The largest not-for-profit treatment group in the country is Gateway Foundation. During 50 years of operation, Gateway has helped more than a million people become sober. For example, clients can get help through customized, evidence-based programs such as:

Help With Paying for Rehab

Once someone decides to get help, the first step is to reach out to a rehab. The admissions counselor will evaluate the client. During the evaluation, they will consider the client’s medical history, health problems, and usage history. With this information, the admissions counselor can recommend the right treatment program.

Clients can choose between our Outpatient Programs. Often, an Outpatient Program works best if the client needs a flexible option. Many clients have family and work responsibilities that they have to take care of during treatment. With an Outpatient Program, the client goes to the facility for treatment during the day. At night, they return home to their family.

The right Outpatient Program depends on the client’s unique needs. A full-day program involves being in a stable, intensive community during the entire day. While the client returns home at night, they go to the treatment center for an intensive program during the day.

In a half-day program, clients receive three hours of support on three to five days of the week. Often, clients will transition to a half-day program after initially taking part in the full-day program. As clients transition to their long-term sobriety, they may start a general Outpatient Program. This option involves meeting for individual or group sessions once a week. Because a general Outpatient Program is less intensive, it works best for someone who is already in recovery.

No one deserves the stress or pain of an addiction. If you are ready to become sober, Gateway Swansea can help. Call us at 618.310.0694 to discuss your Rehab Insurance Coverage and treatment options. Paying for rehab doesn’t have to be overwhelming with Gateway Swansea by your side.